THE COLLEGE LIST – for Juniors

UCEazy Union

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Selecting where to apply is one of the most important steps in successfully progressing from high school to college.  Developing a sensible list that speaks to the individual strengths, goals and interests of a student can be a daunting task.  The expert college advisors at UCEazy Union offer a comprehensive approach to creating a college list that’s tailored to each student (and family’s) unique scenario.

Approximate time to complete The College List: Three to six hours of online support. After the initial one-hour session, additional hour sessions may be scheduled as needed to reach targeted outcomes.


Student Personal Inventory Student completes prior to first session

  • Our counselors understand the importance of self-reflection in the process of creating the college list.
  • Before the first online session, students will complete a personal inventory including relevant, school related data such as coursework, GPA, and transcripts, as well as existing test results, interests, goals, and personal strengths.
  • This information will be used in future online sessions to develop a rich and targeted college list.

Creating the List

  • Counselor and student review the student’s personal inventory.
  • Counselor supports the student in effectively researching colleges by identifying college characteristics that fit with the student’s interests, academic and personal achievements, test scores (if available) and goals.
  • Counselor and student work to create a system for collecting and organizing college data.
  • Counselor and student explore UCEazy and other online resources for college and university research.
  • Counselor and student develop a balanced list of colleges including reach, target and likely/safety schools.
  • Application requirements and deadlines, including early decision and early action, are noted.
  • As needed, counselor and student schedule a final session to review a finalized list, summarize pertinent fees and deadlines, and discuss any other questions or concerns.


At the end of the “Creating the College List” process, the student have researched and compiled a balanced list of approximately 6 to 15 schools that include student driven reach, target, and likely/safety options specific to the individual student’s transcripts, target test scores, and goals, and interests. Application deadlines and requirements will be outlined and noted.