THE EXTRACURRICULAR PLAN – for 8th Graders, Freshmen and Sophomores

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Union counselors know that extracurricular activities are a great way for students to explore their areas of interest, expand on classroom knowledge, and determine future major interests. We also know they help college admissions better understand students. Getting involved in clubs, sports, , community service, jobs, internships and other activities adds to students’ skills and helps them define their interests and goals, expand recommendation opportunities and enrich their lives!

Approximate time to complete Extra! Extra!

  • One to four hours of online support.


Student and Counselor will:

  • Review student’s personal inventory.
  • Discuss areas of interest and priorities for extracurricular activities.
  • Identify what the student enjoys and how that can be incorporated and explored in activity development.
  • Consider strategies/sources for finding or creating extracurricular opportunities.
    • School bulletin boards
    • Community Centers
    • Local and other camps
    • Church groups
    • National organizations
    • Websites
    • School clubs, sports, groups
    • Job fairs for students
    • Pre-college programs
    • Travel opportunities
    • Boys/Girls Clubs and more
  • Explore student driven extracurricular activities.
  • Identify opportunities for students to grow their role within extracurricular activities to demonstrate leadership and expanded responsibility over time.
  • Create a balanced and meaningful extra-curricular plan.


After The Extracurricular Plan, the student will have a concrete list of extracurricular activities from which to add to his/her academic program and an understanding of how these activities fit within the overall game plan for choosing and applying to colleges.