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Financial aid consulting service is designed to save time and money by assisting families with navigating the many different processes for financial aid as well as sharing financial aid expertise.

Time to Complete: approximately 5 to 8 hours of support (both online meetings and research/analysis that takes place off-line).



  • Review of family’s financial needs and resources to pay for college
  • Assessment of student’s academic profile (grades, standardized test results, possible majors, and college list)
  • Analysis of student’s need-based, merit-aid, scholarship and college aid eligibility
  • Discussion of merit aid, need-based aid and analysis of Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
  • Discussion of financial aid options, forms, timeline, strategies (FAFSA and CSS/Profile)
  • Detailed explanation of financial aid awards
  • Support for identifying valid sources and timelines for investigating merit bases scholarships.
  • Review and analysis of college aid packages, help with making final choice when decision letters are received


 Assist families with accurate completion and timely submission of financial aid applications; enhanced understanding of complex terms such as Expected Family Contribution; educate and prepare families so that they can make informed choices about paying for college.